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Kendra & Andreas’ Wedding Part 1

September 30, 2009

Kendra & Andreas had a gorgeous little ceremony at a family cottage near Tofino with just a handful of family & friends. It was such an honor to be a part of their day, and quite the adventure to get there! Our destination was forty minutes down a rough gravel road…and it worth every effort to arrive at the little oasis at the end. The moss covered trees and a lakeside view just took my breath away.

B&W Forrest

Invitation B&W

Getting Dress Ready


White Wreath


Portrait of Kendra

Handmade Inviatations

Pathway to Ceremony

Sister Watching

Mother Daughter


Hitchhike Mike


Moms Watching


Watching Attentively

Signing Together


In the middle of their ceremony (conducted by local legend Hitchhike Mike) Kendra & Andreas decided to flip a coin to see who’s last name they would take! As soon as the ceremony was finished and everyone had recovered from the excitement, we all had to dash to the house to escape an incredible down pour. It was actually really fun all huddling together and listening to the rain. It eased up enough for me to take Kendra & Andreas into the woods for a handful of portraits before returning to the house for a cozy, candle-lit dinner. What a day!

B&W Ceremony

Coin Toss

Big Hug


Rainy Kiss

Sweet Hug

Caught in a Rain Storm

Walk in the Woods

Mother's Neclace

Sweetest Couple


Best Friends

The Smortchevsky Family



Sweet Couple

Longtime Friends

Just Engaged!

Happy Days


Say tuned for Part 2…

Moonlit Kiss