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Sylvia and John’s Visit

June 29, 2007

Sylvia Nickerson, an amazing up-and-coming artist and brilliant mathematician, came out west for the first time to visit me for a few days. Sylvia is a dear old friend of mine from my university days at Mt. Allison in Sackville New Brunzwick, and has been a long-time muse of mine. She brought her parter John with her, who is not quite as used to the camera as she is, but we had a great time laughing and playing around with the camera and John warmed up soon enough. I took the two of them to this secret spot of mine outside Shannon falls…and it was mind-blowingly beautiful. I always seem to appriciate the spendor of the west coast so much more when I have visitors in town!


Sylvia loving John

Sylvia @ Shannon Falls

Sylvia & John hugging

John loving Sylvia