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The Waters Family

March 27, 2010

Katie and Tara are dear family friends of mine….practically sisters….so I was overjoyed when they asked me to photograph them at such a life-changing stage as a couple.  They’re about to be mommies! Yay! I just love the excitement in Katie’s face. …it just says it all. I can’t wait to meet new newest addition to their family.


The Boyer Family

March 11, 2010

The fist time I photographed Candice & John Boyer, it was on their wedding day…and I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed! It has been so amazing to watch their family grow and change over the years. They now have a gorgeous little 4 year old named Jordyn and for our latest photo- adventure, we decided to go down to Dundarave & take advantage of the sunshine.

I LOVE Jordyn’s little jacket! I tried to convince her to let me wear it, but she didn’t think it would fit. Oh well…it was worth a try.  🙂

Thank you!

November 29, 2009

My 2009 Wedding Season is over, and I just want to send out a thanks to all my fabulous clients! Thank you for sharing your lives with me, it was an absolute honor.

I also wanted to thank my lovely, bearded, assistant and the love of my life, Mark Roberts.  Thank you for all your support  and calm presence. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

I am looking forwards to an exciting wedding season in 2010.  See you all soon! Love, Jen. xoxo

Nicole’s Pregnancy

October 14, 2009

Nicole & Travis asked me to document their first pregnancy back when the temperatures were a little warmer. In fact, we had to postpone the initial shoot because it was too hot! I swear, that has never happened before in Vancouver! When we finally we able to get together, we were happy we had waited… because we were able to enjoy a perfect, calm, late summer’s evening to celebrate the coming of their first baby. Here are a few of my favorites…



I always love true Black & White photographs….but these warm fall colours are too beautiful not to share with you…






This is my favourite one…


Amber & Tyler: Setting the Scene…

September 25, 2008

I had the privilege of driving up to Cache Creek this September to photograph Amber & Tyler’s wedding. I’ve never really spent time in that area of BC, but wow was the scenery ever phenomenal! My assistant and I arrived a day early to scout out the place and while we were photographing the front entrance, we were ambushed by a dirt biker! Right then I knew this was going to be a fun wedding. There are too many great images to show at once, so I am posting a collection of shots that “set the scene” from the wedding rehearsal. I will post the “real” shots next week.

The Grills Family

August 27, 2008

What a wonderful family! Sue, her husband, and her two children were visiting Vancouver from out East and decided to celebrate their holiday with a family photo shoot. Since capturing her family on camera has been a passion of Sue’s for quite some time, the entire family was used to being photographed and appeared very relaxed and comfortable in front of my lens. They were an absolute dream to photograph!

Allison & Erin

June 13, 2008

Like most couples, Allison & Erin were a little bit nervous about being photographed….but with Allison’s knock-out eyes and Erin’s million-dollar smile, they were an absolute dream to work with! I had a lot of fun bringing this refined & elegant couple to all kinds of rustic places like cement walls and grass fields, which created a wonderful contrast & lots of texture. They were absolute troopers! I can’t wait to photograph them again soon. 🙂

Life Goes On…

June 7, 2008

Whether my family & friends like it or not…I’m always there with my camera, documenting things. That’s just how I experience life…and in the past few weeks, I have been witness to some major life moments; the passing of my Grandmother, the birth of a friend’s first child, and my little brother’s graduation from Mt. Allison University. Here are three snippets of life, at three very different stages;

In loving memory of Daisy Ireland….

The welcoming of Felix Pringle Harpur….

…and condradulations to Jono Echols!!

Sophia & Daughters

May 31, 2008

I swear that every time I do a blog entry, I tell myself that I’m only going to put in 2 or 3 shots……and I can never do it! There were so many wonderful photos of Sophia, Teya, & Telise, that I just had to show you a bunch of them. 🙂 I could have photographed Sophia’s gorgeous little daughters all day!

And how old do you think Teya is…..

Cassandra & Michael

May 24, 2008

For a couple that claimed to not feel comfortable in front of the camera, these two were absolutely outstanding in their engagement shoot! Michael rocked his hat so well, I could have sworn he was British….and Cassandra looked stunning no matter what she did! I had so much fun taking photos, I didn’t want to stop.