Big Life Changes

Lots of major life changes lately. First of all, Mark proposed with a gorgeous antique diamond and sapphire ring. It is so unusual…I love it!! Here’s a self-portrait we took moments after he popped the question (would you expect anything less from two photographers?!). The very next day, I ran out and bought some navy blue nail polish to go with my fancy new ring. Lol. After documenting other people’s wedding stories for over 12 years, we will finally have our own wedding story to tell. Now the big question is, who will shoot our wedding…..?  😉

The other major change is…I am going to be an art & photography teacher! Mark actually proposed while I was in the middle of my teaching practicum at Argyle Secondary.  Through the course of my practicum I realized that the more I learnt about teaching photography, the more I learnt about my own personal creative processes. It’s perfect: The more I teach, the better the photographer I become…and the better the photographer I become…the better the teacher I become. This is what I was meant to do.

I am realizing how supportive and collaborative the teaching community can be and how satisfying it is to ignite bright new minds. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and is helping me find new joy in my own work. Here’s a drawing that one of my students left in my notebook on my last day at school. It makes me feel loved and reaffirms why I am entering this profession. I am looking forwards to teaching during the school year and shooting weddings in the summer!


4 Responses to “Big Life Changes”

  1. Jennifer Jones Says:

    Congratulations you two! How wonderful. Now you’ll get to see what weddings are like from the other side of the camera!

  2. Zsófi Kovács (@szofocska) Says:

    Dear Jennifer, I have been enjoying your blog for about 4 years now and I coulndnt be more happy for you! Congratulations!

  3. Lorenne Bastien Says:

    Congratulations Jen, both on your engagement and successfully completing your practicum! Enjoy wedding planning!

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