Great Men and Women

I have finally finished my teaching degree! Over the past 12 months, my fellow art teacher-candidates have become a huge part of my life and have helped determine who I am to become as an educator. In a sense, they have become my family.  In honor of these amazing people and the bonds we have created, I have put together a “family portrait” of the great men and women I met in the teaching program at UBC…


4 Responses to “Great Men and Women”

  1. Rojia Dadashzadeh Says:

    It’s amazing my muffin

  2. Jennifer Jones Says:

    Congratulations Jen! What a great achievement exciting opportunities ahead.

  3. Lorenne Bastien Says:

    Congratulations Jen!! Glad to see you’re still doing your own work too, love it!

  4. lauren Says:

    fabulous! just fabulous!

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