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Allison & Erin’s Wedding

October 18, 2008

Allison & Erin’s Wedding was spectacular feast for the eyes from start to finish! I was blown away by Allison’s impeccable taste, attention to detail, and then her ability to just let go, savor the moment, and enjoy her wedding day with her new husband Erin.  We all had a fantastic time riding around Vancouver in a red trolley…laughing, taking photos, and drinking champagne.  What an amazing way to spend the day! Allison and Erin definitely know how to have fun and celebrate life.

Allison & Erin’s wedding reception was held at the Terminal City Club and decorated by the fabulous Tanya Peters from Milestone Events…and while I knew the room was going to look good, I was not prepared for it to take my breath away.  The stunning decor, combined with great food, beautiful speeches, and an excellent live band, made for an unforgettable evening. Even after shooting for 13 hours, my assistant and I were still full of energy and stayed for a while longer to kick up our heels.


Amber & Tyler’s Wedding

October 7, 2008

Here it is… Amber & Tyler’s Wedding in all it’s glory! I think I set a personal record this time with the sheer number of photos posted. I could not hold back! This wedding was such an adventure and amazing experience for me…I was blown away by the wild, unusual beauty of BC’s interior.  I swear, every where I looked, there were stunning shots just waiting to be captured. Watching Amber & Tyler together was wonderful because they were so visibly in love; I barely had to direct them at all. I was definitely in my happy place at Cache Creek.

Louise & David’s Wedding

October 2, 2008

I totally fell in love with Louise and David…they are such an amazing couple. I had an unusually sunny day to document their wedding ceremony at Brew Creek Lodge, and cried like a baby during their vows. Thank goodness I have a couple auto-focus cameras! After a champagne toast, many hugs and happy tears, Louise & David escaped to a private little picnic for a little quality one on one time. It was a wonderful little interlude in an action packed, exciting day.