Rachel & Myles’ Wedding

July 11, 2013

















































Location Scouting in T.O.

July 11, 2013

I have neglected my blog the past while….been busy getting my teaching career off the ground, moving, and planning my own wedding! So, to kick things off, I am posting a collection of images I shot with my Galaxy S3 while Mark and I were location scouting in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I still prefer shooting with film…but there is no denying the fun-factor of shooting with my phone!

Rail-Car underground Looking-Out Skyline Docking Epic-Mark Picnic-Spot Waters-Edge Relax-Mode

Stay tuned for pictures of Rachel and Myles’ Wedding! They will be posted shortly…

Erin & Mark’s Wedding

October 23, 2012

This fall, Mark and I got to go on another travelling adventure….this time to photograph Erin & Mark’s spectacular wedding in Waterloo Ontario! Erin & Mark’s wedding day was full of non-stop excitement: a traditional Laotian ceremony,  a Western Ceremony, and then a photo shoot before returning for a big reception. After saying their heart felt vows and sealing the deal, Erin and Mark gallivanted around Waterloo Park with their wedding party, burning extra energy while they drank champagne, posed for pictures and had ridiculous fun! We headed back to the hall just as the skies opened up with rain and partied the night away at their big, fabulous reception.

David & Suzanne

September 11, 2012

Instead of having a photographer to shoot their ceremony, David and Suzanne decided to have a photo shoot after their wedding day. This was their special way to celebrate the beginning of their marriage, and I thought it was a wonderful idea! We started at the exact spot where David first proposed and then moved to a  remote place in West Vancouver to have a romantic picnic. It was a relaxing way to spend the day…and look at these two…they are so in love, it’s wonderful to see!

Krysta & Paul’s Wedding

September 2, 2012

Krysta & Paul are adorable, silly, ridiculous, fun, and absolutely MADE for each other. I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did while running around Granville Island, taking photos of these two. Heart-shaped espresso drinks, milk mustaches, champagne, and high kicks were the order of the day. No seriousness to be seen for miles around! We made so much noise I’m surprised no one said anything…but I think it was so obvious that they were  having a great time, that passers by just grinned & waved. Krysta & Paul have such wonderful energy together that people can’t help but stop and smile.

~Wedding Details~

Bride & Groom // Krysta Lee & Paul Shore

Dress // Isabelle’s Bridal, North Vancouver

Shoes // Toms

Hair // Lauren Froese @ Zazou

Makeup // Mara Clement @ Zazou

Flowers  // Special Moments, North Vancouver

Cake // Dalana @ The Cake and the Giraffe

Ceremony  // North Shore Alliance Church

Reception  // False Creek Community Centre, Granville Island, BC

DJ // Oliver Browne

Alex & Sandy’s Wedding

August 26, 2012

When I arrived at the boys’ cabin in North Shuswap to photograph Sandy getting ready, he was wearing nothing but his bathing suit and a straw hat. With a beer in hand and a big grin on his face he asked, “Hey….would you be up for taking photos of me water skiing?!!” OMG. Yeah I would! From that moment I knew Alex and Sandy’s wedding was going to be seriously fun. There were no nerves or jitters to be seen anywhere; just big smiles and flowing champagne all day.  I am so glad Mark & I got to be part of their celebration with their tightly knit group of friends! Sandy and Alex are warm, welcoming, and big-hearted people and were an absolute pleasure to be around.

~Wedding Details~

Bride & Groom // Alexandra Berger & Alexander “Sandy” Inglis

Dress // Viva Bridal Boutique

Hair & Makeup// Ra Hair Studio

Flowers  // Kamloops Florist

Ceremony  // The beach next to Celista Hall

Reception  // Celista Hall, North Shuswap

Great Men and Women

August 15, 2012

I have finally finished my teaching degree! Over the past 12 months, my fellow art teacher-candidates have become a huge part of my life and have helped determine who I am to become as an educator. In a sense, they have become my family.  In honor of these amazing people and the bonds we have created, I have put together a “family portrait” of the great men and women I met in the teaching program at UBC…

Jennie & Paul’s Wedding

July 2, 2012

I had the pleasure of returning to Sackville this summer, to watch my dear friend Paul marry the woman of his dreams. When you see Jennie & Paul together it is abundantly clear that they are soul mates. No two ways about it. These two theater buffs  truly bring out the best in each other and it’s a beautiful thing to see.  They also seem to bring out the best in their community…everyone I ran into in town  grinned when I mentioned their names and said, “Jennie and Paul are my favorite people!” Mine too.

The things that don’t go according to plan always make the best story. Just as we were taking photos of the wedding party, the Best Man lost his kilt! Hahaha! Here’s Garry moments after, pulling it back up. *grin*

Alison & Garvan’s Wedding

June 10, 2012

Having just finished my teaching practicum, it was only too perfect to photograph Alison & Garvan’s Wedding! This lovely couple flew all the way from England, where Alison is an elementary teacher, to get married in Whistler, BC. Their wedding was elegant and stunning, yet fabulously kid friendly, which is a remarkable accomplishment in itself!! I believe this is due to their natural loving nature and Alison’s gift for early childhood education. They included 7 little bridesmaids and ring bearers in their wedding party (you could tell the little ones were so excited to be a part of such a big occasion)  and the artwork of one of Alison’s English students was even featured on their ceremony program. Too cute for words!

A moment of quiet in the middle of an exiting day…..

I wish you both the best! You will be wonderful parents and I know you will have a long and happy life together as husband & wife.


Jen.  xoxo

~Wedding Details~

Bride & Groom // Alison Devine & Garvan Smith

Dress // Isabelle’s Bridal

Shoes // Kurt Geiger

Hair // Myra Shanley, Whistler, BC

Makeup // Theresa McVety, Whistler, BC

Flowers & Decor // Mountain Blooms Event Decor

Ceremony  // Our Lady of the Mountains

Reception  // Four Seasons, Whistler, BC

Event Planner // Linda Marshall @ Whistler Wedding Planners & Events

Big Life Changes

April 28, 2012

Lots of major life changes lately. First of all, Mark proposed with a gorgeous antique diamond and sapphire ring. It is so unusual…I love it!! Here’s a self-portrait we took moments after he popped the question (would you expect anything less from two photographers?!). The very next day, I ran out and bought some navy blue nail polish to go with my fancy new ring. Lol. After documenting other people’s wedding stories for over 12 years, we will finally have our own wedding story to tell. Now the big question is, who will shoot our wedding…..?  😉

The other major change is…I am going to be an art & photography teacher! Mark actually proposed while I was in the middle of my teaching practicum at Argyle Secondary.  Through the course of my practicum I realized that the more I learnt about teaching photography, the more I learnt about my own personal creative processes. It’s perfect: The more I teach, the better the photographer I become…and the better the photographer I become…the better the teacher I become. This is what I was meant to do.

I am realizing how supportive and collaborative the teaching community can be and how satisfying it is to ignite bright new minds. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and is helping me find new joy in my own work. Here’s a drawing that one of my students left in my notebook on my last day at school. It makes me feel loved and reaffirms why I am entering this profession. I am looking forwards to teaching during the school year and shooting weddings in the summer!