Chelsea & Shawn’s Wedding

Chelsea and Shawn both come from very loving and supportive families, and it was a beautiful thing to witness their wedding at the Bill Reid Gallery in the heart of down town Vancouver. When these two kissed, the entire room erupted with cheers and applause…I have never experienced anything like it! While their guests kicked off a cocktail reception, we stole away to Stanley Park for a handful of intimate portraits. Shawn Edenshaw happens to be an incredible artist (he takes after his father Jim and famous great-grandfather Charles Edenshaw) and carved all the jewellery worn by him and his stunning wife Chelsea. We had a fabulous time and I knew the dappled light through the cedar trees would not only create a beautiful setting, but also be very appropriate for Shawn’s Haida heritage.

Bride & Groom // Chelsea & Shawn (Shawn Edenshaw Jewellery)

Location // Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Bill Reid Gallery

Cake // Anna Elizabeth Cakes

Dresses // Isabelle’s Bridal


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