Emily & Corey’s Wedding

I was thoroughly impressed with this gorgeous, young couple and the amount of love & support they had from their families.  Their wedding day was a spectacular team effort! Emily & Corey have built a life for themselves in England, so they relied heavily upon their families back at home to make most of the arrangements. Luckily for them…they have exceptionally cool parents.

Emily’s family hosted the beautiful backyard reception nestled in the gardens of their New Westminster heritage house.  Just in case that wasn’t enough…they commissioned some friends in the theatre business to take care of the lighting and sound. Loving family and a great group of friends created a fantastic atmosphere, and Corey’s family sealed the deal with some amazing live entertainment. Seeing Corey playing the washboard with his dad’s band was one of my favorite wedding moments ever!


2 Responses to “Emily & Corey’s Wedding”

  1. Pia Henriksson Says:

    Hi, Jennifer,
    You have captured the magic of this wedding in a way I never thought possible! To catch an expression at just the right moment, to find an unusual angle (father and son at the piano!) to create an artistic masterpiece of a detail (the fellow tying his shoe, the brides shoes, the four hands on the piano, to name a few), I am so impressed, Jennifer! And, while I am at it, your unobtrusive way of carrying out your task at the wedding did not go un-noticed.
    I wish you all the best!

  2. jenniferechols Says:

    A lovely message from the bride & groom. Thanks guys! xoxo

    Hi Jen!

    I just wanted to say that Corey and I are thrilled with the photos! I think they are amazing and my friends over here are totally impressed, they can get a real look at all the events of the day. You were so calm and lovely to be with- Mark too! it was totally unstressful and we still managed to get everything in with all (the many) parties happy! I can’t thank you enough because you gave us such a gift: to be able to look back on that fantastic day and vividly remember every moment!

    Thank you! You’re awesome!


    Emily and Corey

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