Jan & Jeremy’s Wedding

Jan and Jeremy flew in from Montreal to join their family and friends for a truly spectacular Vancouver wedding!  Their guests from all over the world were treated to some of the most beautifuul venues in the city; the  Stanley Park Pavilion and the Sutton Place Hotel. While these locations are  are both stunning to photograph, the most beautiful thing I saw was  the love these two had for each other. During their ceremony, Jan absolutely radiated with joy and Jeremy was so happy he couldn’t contain his giggles. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!


2 Responses to “Jan & Jeremy’s Wedding”

  1. jenniferechols Says:

    An e-mail from the bride….I had to post it because it gives me the warm fuzzies. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with me Jan!

    “Dear Jen, Just got back from our honeymoon a few days ago – we had 12 days in Tahiti, just fabulous! – and wanted to take a moment to touch base and say thank you so much for all of the work you did for our wedding! We had an absolutely wonderful day and you were such a lovely part of it. We were so impressed with your positivity, warmth and energy level, as were our guests (many of whom gave us great feedback about you). Thank you for diving right in and being such a great part of our day! Hope all is well with you and Mark (great to meet him – lovely guy!), Cheers, Jan & Jeremy”

  2. jenniferechols Says:

    Here’s another one. What a sweetheart! Thank you Jan. It means the world to me.

    “Hi Jen! A little more positive feedback – this from my cousin Rebecca. I agree! Hope you are having a great day, Jan”

    “I have to say that these photos are the best wedding photos that I have ever seen. They are absolutely fabulous, you must be really pleased with them. I think that she captured the day amazingly well. The hard bit will be choosing the best as there are so many good ones. I really love the one of you and your mum getting ready and you on the stairs. They are really, really good.”

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