Louise & David’s Wedding

I totally fell in love with Louise and David…they are such an amazing couple. I had an unusually sunny day to document their wedding ceremony at Brew Creek Lodge, and cried like a baby during their vows. Thank goodness I have a couple auto-focus cameras! After a champagne toast, many hugs and happy tears, Louise & David escaped to a private little picnic for a little quality one on one time. It was a wonderful little interlude in an action packed, exciting day.


5 Responses to “Louise & David’s Wedding”

  1. Michele Davidson Says:

    Jennifer, these photos of Louise and David made me cry! I see clearly that you were able to capture the essence of their love story in the medium of film. Your remarkable photos are a mirror reflection of the words I wrote for and about Louise and David in their custom written wedding ceremony.

    When I said, “David, you may kiss your bride!”, that kiss was unforgettable!!! None of the rest of us existed. David and Louise’s world was just the two of them, even though they stood in front of friends and family. Your photo of “THE KISS” reminded of how blessed I felt to be standing so near. David and Louise accept each other. Totally. This is a rare gift. Together they will live their lives to the fullest. Hand in hand, each will become who they were meant to be.

    Your photos capture Louise and David’s personalities PERFECTLY. And wow, what a gorgeous couple!

    Celebrant Michele Davidson

  2. jenniferechols Says:

    Thank you so much Michelle! Your beautiful words totally made me cry too! We are quite the pair eh? I think we are definitely in the right line of work if it is giving us such an emotional charge. It is so rewarding to be around love. Keep singing along. 😉

  3. Jane Weston Says:

    Michele, your contribution to such a perfect day was just amazing thank you from the bottom of our hearts , we are all so excited about the few photos we have seen we cant wait to see more , thanks to your talent we will be able to relive that perfect day over and over again.Kind regards Rob and Jane Weston

  4. andrea tiller Says:

    beautiful shots!
    Louise you look amazing!

  5. Sheila Simon Says:

    just browsing around for bridal pics on the net and saw your portfolio….all I can say is WOW….loved the concepts you used…very nice, very unique. Some of my favorite were the bride on the rope over the pond and the groomsmen in the desert spaced apart like they were….looked like a bad photo shoot…very cool and classy…best of luck!

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