Laura & Jay’s Wedding

What a way to finish the summer! These two childhood sweet-hearts had the most beautiful & sunny backyard wedding surrounded by the most fabulous family and friends. I think I giggled through the entire bridal party photo shoot….they were so much mun to be around and really hammed it up for the camera. When we returned to the reception, everyone was having a fantastic time and I laughed so hard during the speeches I cried! I left Laura & Jay’s wedding with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.


2 Responses to “Laura & Jay’s Wedding”

  1. aine rathwell Says:

    Took my breath away, it’s so beautiful. I just love weddings

  2. Kate McKay Says:

    I just looked at your photos of Laura and Jay. I LOVE them. I knew Jay when he was so small, and you have no idea how well you captured him and his endearing quirkiness in your photos. Laura looks stunning, so soft and beautiful. And the two of them together…I want to see more! I also love the one of David and Debbie where she is laughing. You also have some fabulous pictures of the special needs guests. You captured them very respectfully, and that can be hard to do. You amaze me!

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