Life Goes On…

Whether my family & friends like it or not…I’m always there with my camera, documenting things. That’s just how I experience life…and in the past few weeks, I have been witness to some major life moments; the passing of my Grandmother, the birth of a friend’s first child, and my little brother’s graduation from Mt. Allison University. Here are three snippets of life, at three very different stages;

In loving memory of Daisy Ireland….

The welcoming of Felix Pringle Harpur….

…and condradulations to Jono Echols!!


2 Responses to “Life Goes On…”

  1. Nava Says:

    Bumped into your blog while searching for information about Vancouver. The photo of your grandmother is haunting. When my mom was dying, a couple of days before she passed away, I sat by her bed and sketched her, so I can relate. I guess it’s an artist’s way to cope with those major life moments.

  2. manuka Says:

    Jen- so sorry to learn of Daisy’s sad passing. No doubt Hal’s “Daisy, Daisy”, featuring in “2001- a space odyssey”, has entered the family folklore? Quite by chance your shutter talents had been recently mentioned during yesteryear reflection with fellow Kiwis -the Shaw family (visitors to your folks 2005). Google not only revealed your blog, but even faces -& emotions- from 35 years back. We also have a Jonathan!

    I’m somewhat hestitant about posting, but given my own modest 35mm skills, pondered diverse ’72-’73 BC & family pix may be appreciated. Manuka

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