Sackville Fall 2007

After another hectic summer, I decided to escape this October to a small town in New Brunswick to take a breather and re-connect with some very special friends & loved ones.  Sackville, host to Mount Allison University, is actually where I did my Fine Arts Degree and first discovered my passion for photography. I really missed the slow-paced, easy-going nature of the east coast and just spent my time re-charging and re-connecting with my roots. It was a very peaceful time for me, and I just thought I’d share a little but of that with you all. 🙂











I arrived at peak season for the fall colors and was blown away by all the reds, yellows and oranges.  I decided to do a little experimenting with a film technique called cross-processing.  What you do, is you take slide film (positive transparency film) and you develop it in negative film chemistry….and you wind up with punchy, high-contrast images. It’s a relatively un-predictable technique, but I’m quite happy with some of the results.   










4 Responses to “Sackville Fall 2007”

  1. Kate Says:

    I miss Sackville too! The marsh photos especially bring me back there. It’s great that you were able to go all the way across the country to visit. Chris’ family is in Moncton so we get back to the area every now and then. I think that Thaddeus has a show up in Vancouver right now. Did you get a chance to see him while you were in Sackville? The fifth photo down is such a beautiful portrait. Exactly the kind of stuff I love!

  2. jenniferechols Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Kate! I saw him briefly, but will be seeing him Wed. & Thurs. this week in Vancouver so I didn’t worry about it too much. It was so lovely to go back to Sackville…..I fogot how beautifully slow-paced life is out there.

  3. Chris Tucker Says:

    Hey Jen,

    Really cool to see your shots of Sackville. Kate has actually gone back there a few more times than I have so I havent been in a long time. Nice to see some familiar faces in beautiful shots as well. But how can you have forgotten the beauty of the east coast where its all about takin ‘er easy (and if she’s real easy take ‘er twice).

    Keep posting, nice to check in every now and then.

  4. usha Says:

    hi, i was browsing through tree pictures when i came across this lovely photograph of birches with the golden light behind. i am an artist and i was wondering if you would mind if i used this photograph to paint from.its very beautiful and though i doubt if i will be able to do justice to it, it would be thrilling for me to paint it. do let me know if its ok with you .you could write to me at thank you,

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