Princess Party

 I flew down to Mobile, Alabama for a brief, but wonderful & much-needed holiday to visit my extended family. While I was there my sweet little cousin had a Princess party and I was spontaneously dubbed the “Royal Photographer.” All Catherine’s friends (tiny future debutantes) were running around painting their nails, applying makeup and primping in their fancy princess dresses and party shoes…it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!  I had such a good time being around my family and documenting all the girlie festivities. I could just hear my late Grandmama’s voice saying in her soft southern drawl, “Isn’t this fun!”












2 Responses to “Princess Party”

  1. Lizzi Says:

    Look at your new website !! How good is that ! and how lovely to see your new picture of YOU. You look so well in it – who took that one? Are you all well? Have you got any gossip for me? I am working really hard today but thought I deserved a break and a wee look at my Canadian daughter’s work – makes me feel all proud.

  2. jenniferechols Says:

    Hiya Lizzie,

    Thanks so much for your sweet words! I took that self-portriat myself. I just brought a mirror and shot into that. Not bad eh? I miss my Scottish mum! We need to finalize that trip this spring….where do we want to go? I still have to send you those photos from my last visit. They’re on their way soon…I’ve just been so insanely busy this summer!

    Talk to you soon! love your Canadian daughter,


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