Jenn & Owen’s Wedding

Jenn & Owen’ s wedding was such an elegantly casual day…I loved it! I find that the most successful weddings are the ones where the couple is really in tune with who they are and what’s important to them. That was definitely the case with these two country-music lovers who decided to use Brew Creek Lodge for their entire day. Everything happened in such a smooth, seamless way…..right down to the weather……when the sun came out from behind the clouds to shine down on their vows. Jen and her husband Owen are both so easy-going, relaxed, confident, and quick to laugh: It was an absolute dream to follow these two around!















The Brew Creek Lodge property was gorgeous, but Jenn, Owen & I decided to escape all of the excitement for just a little while and found this beautiful little bluff just off from the sea-to-sky highway. I found this hidden treasure when I was location scouting the week before…and it turned out to be even more stunning than I had originally thought! I think Jenn & Owen really appreciated the chance to just be alone for a few minutes and really soak up the moment.







5 Responses to “Jenn & Owen’s Wedding”

  1. Norman and Janice Holt Says:

    Great pictures and a lovely theme !!
    PS Owen is a very lucky guy!!!!

  2. Tara Torrell Says:

    Stunning photos and I love the country idea in your wedding Jenn! You’re such a beautiful person and I am very happy for the both of you. Congratualtions! XOXO

  3. Shealagh Says:

    Wonderful shots of a really decent couple! The entire group was a pleasure to host here at the lodge ;} Thanks to everyone for coming – particularly the exceptional photographer!

    Wedding Co-ordinator
    Brew Creek Lodge

  4. Amy Says:

    Wow these photos are stunning. Jen Echols you have an amazing gift. Jenn and Owen look breathtaking in every photo and so full of love. It was amazing to witness the wedding first hand. It is also a treasure to be able to look back at these artistic photos and remember that wonderful day. I can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding next July.

  5. jenniferechols Says:

    I can’t wait to shoot your wedding either! You’re a knockout couple and you’re so much fun to be around…it’s going to be insane! yay!

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